I was born in Zimbabwe and use painting to explore the sensitive responsive dance of lines and shapes of trees and plants and the sublime communication of colour.  Inspired by objects and artwork from around the world I enjoy visual exchanges across cultures.

Graduating from Goldsmith’s with a PG Dip in Art Therapy, I http://quotecorner.com/online-pharmacy.html also have a Fine Art degree from Rhodes University.

I have exhibited at Handmade at Kew, The Byre Gallery, Cornwall, The Lovers Lights Gallery, Twickenham, CRAFT, Olympia and at Handmade in Britain 14 in Chelsea Town Hall and can provide commissioning references upon request.

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  1. Simon Pitt

    Dear Anne,
    It was a pleasure to meet you and your Mom on Sunday.
    I hope you enjoyed the rest of your walk. I am sure you did, with so much excitement as nature bursts out of its seams after the rains.

    I love your web site, and thank you for the pointer to Artfinder. Glad to see you sold some beautiful work there.

    I am still to work out how I can use Artfinder for Mukuvisi Woodlands. I will read up again to see how Mukuvisi Woodlands can become a “Seller”. The 30% commission and VAT means that it would leave a small fraction for the artists to share with Mukuvisi.

    In the meantime I am collecting together a grand muster of artists who are promising to exhibit at the “Miombo Woodlands Art Fair” on the weekend 8/9th July.

    Kind regards,


  2. admin Post author

    Dear Simon,

    Thank you for your message. it was a pleasure to meet you and my mother and I had a wonderful walk in Mukuvisi Woodlands. We are full of admiration for your efforts.

    I have had the idea of making a print edition based on photos taken in Mukuvisi and some drawings from my sketch books, I will try to sell it on Art Finder to donate proceeds to Mukuvisi. I will keep in touch and will approach ArtFinder to see if they would like to widen the appeal to their community. How does that sound to you?

    Best wishes,

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