Panels, Screens and Lights

Inspired by the ideas of painting as meditation and the emotional affect of colour, I have developed a calligraphic style of painting trees and plants.

Panels are painted in acrylic onto handmade Japanese Gampi paper laid over Perspex. The entire surface is sealed or backed with fabric to be viewed from the other side. Panels can be hung directly onto walls and can be made to measure in bespoke colours. The paper may include pieces of organic matter adding to the uniqueness of each panel and complimenting the uniform http://www.besttramadolonlinestore.com quality of the Perspex.

Each panel may be hung separately or in a group.

Screens are panels joined by backing fabric and can be enjoyed as free standing artworks or accessories to open plan living, providing zoning or covering as needed.

Alternatively the Perspex can be formed into individual light shades.

Each piece is lovingly created with multiple uses in mind so that you can enjoy the lighting affect you want – as brilliant colour or as layers of colour and shadows.

e: zoe.zoe.startup@gmail.com           m: 0779 9556 65923