Would you like your interior to reflect your very individual experience, your treasured pieces collected from travels or family and to enhance your social and private experience of your space? A central London Client with these intentions commissioned Poppy Panels from Anne McKenzie this summer.
A beloved vase with gold poppies curling around clear glass started the creative conversation. The panels also had to compliment and co-ordinate with several pieces of Chinese furniture and the striking green wall colour.
Anne made several brush paintings of an Oriental Poppy which she combined in various to-scale designs which were photographed and sent to the Client for comment. Together a final design was agreed and Anne lovingly painted it onto the Perspex panels.
The shape of the petals and leaves are described by the brush strokes and repeated for several layers. This technique creates a texture that makes subtle shadows giving a three dimensional effect on a 5mm thick panel. The gold paint reflecting light in varying intensity and the shadow created on the wall behind the Perspex add to the liveliness of the piece