Magnolia X veitchii 'Alba'


Magnolia X veitchii 'Alba'

76 x 140 | Handmade Mitsumata paper and dilute acrylic paint
Painted in Kew in April 2021 before any leaves, only the elegant white petals of these Magnolia flowers. I admire the use of space in Japanese art and tried to use space in this piece to suggest the clear Spring sky and infinite possibility...

Also shown are three thrown and carved porcelain vessels by Lindy Barletta.

This banner is painted on handmade Mitsumata paper from Japan which is unbleached and has a beautiful organic colour. The paper allows for smooth flowing brushstrokes and has delicate edges along with the watermarks of the paper makers Su or frame. in the finishing process the paper has been uniformly smoothed and wrinkled in a way that makes the piece look antique.

The banner is suspended from a simple batten and clear thread which can be removed on request if an alternative method of display is desired.