Anne Mckenzie Botanic Calligraphic Art

Acer painted by Anne Mckenzie in Kew Gardens London in acrylic paint on handmade Japanese paper
A Spring installation by Anne McKenzie of two Iris banners and 3 Silver Birch banners



A large, 1m x 2m piece of handmade paper painted by Anne McKenzie of a Copper Beech with Thistle Blue over painting.

Painted in two of the sanctuary spaces of London - Kew Gardens and Hampstead Heath - my banners are made in moments of savouring the seasons.  The calligraphic brushstrokes and resonant colours combine with the quality and character of Japanese papers to reflect botanic beauty.  Pieces of calm nature meditation to add to your interior.

Lockdown commission painted in April 2020 of an apple tree in blossom
Kobo paper traditionally used in Japan to make Shoji screens
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