I use pigment bound with gum arabic and honey on large format paper to create an immersive experience for the viewer with natural forms.  I mix pigments intuitively, creating colours which I apply to unique pieces of handmade Japanese paper.  These materials are a direct extension of the natural world.  The paper holds light in a very subtle way and the particles of pigment have a luminous quality which compliments the paper. 

I use handmade Japanese brushes which are both characterful and very gentle, allowing for specific expression without disrupting the delicate fibres of the paper.

I paint the pieces directly from life on the ground in one sitting without interruption, as a calligrapher would brush a text.

I stretch and iron the paper once the painting is complete and apply bookbinder's paste to a simple wooden batten for easy hanging that allows the full sheet of paper to be seen.  The banners  are rolled into sturdy, customised cardboard tubes for storage or posting.

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