Materials and Process


All of the pieces are painted using handmade brushes and very dilute acrylic paint.  I am avidly collecting handmade Japanese paper as each piece reflects the character of the maker.  The larger tree banners are painted on unbleached Kozo which has been made using machine processes.  I paint on the ground in Kew Gardens from a seated cross legged position.  Alternatively - if I have managed to grow suitable plants - I paint on my studio floor which is a slower painting process.  I stretch and iron the paper once the painting is complete and apply bookbinder's paste to a simple wooden batten for easy hanging that allows the full sheet of paper to be seen.


Selection of brushes 

Handmade Kozo paper from top to bottom:  Yuumashi, Washi Artist - Elaine Cooper, Rakushikan and Hansarashi

Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood', Kew Gardens and Hansarashi Kozo