Apple Tree for Patsie



If you have a favourite tree or plant and would like me to create a banner here are some details:

Size:  I am happy to create a piece in any size to fit your space out of Japanese paper that has been machine processed - Kozo (see Prunus Ichiyo and Birches below).  These are usually 97 cm wide and any length up to 7 m long.  I have a collection of handmade sheets of Japanese  paper in various sizes which I can also offer you.   I am not in favour of cutting handmade paper as the beautiful deckled edges are an interesting and unique feature.

Pricing:  Commissions start from £300 and depend on paper choice and size.

Lead Time:  It takes me a week to complete an average sized piece (eg. any of the pieces in my shop)

Hanging:  I usually apply a simple wooden batten with clear thread for immediate hanging.  If you would prefer to frame your piece I suggest that framing is better done locally so that you can choose the style of frame that you like.   It also makes posting much easier and the chance of damage in transit is reduced. 

Please contact me by email to start the commission converstation.

Apple Tree for Patsie:  I recently completed this banner for Patsie who had seen the original Apple Tree on Yuumashi paper  but needed a smaller size and was interestred in a different paper.  I suggested making another version for her like a calligrapher copying a script...

"...the painting is absolutely beautiful - I'm delighted with it..."  Patsie

Prunus Ichiyo commissioned to celebrate a wedding anniversary

Himalayan Birches commissioned to be framed and hung on separate walls in the same small room.

Photography by Anne McKenzie