Anne Mckenzie Botanic Calligraphic Art

Cosy Forest Hideaway

Events and a Very Short Bio

I am a member of Design Nation and Find a Maker.

 I am excited to be part of the Design Nation London Group show at OXO Tower Wharf which is viewed from the walkway on the first floor outside. 

Since March 2020 I have been part of Made Makers online in lieu of actual shows.  I have exhibited at Made London 2019, RHS London Art and Plant Show, The London Artisan, Handmade at Kew and Handmade in Britain - Chelsea, CRAFT - Olympia and The Byre Gallery, Cornwall.  I graduated from Goldsmith's London with a PG Dip in Art Therapy and I have a Fine Art degree.

Design Nation at Oxo Tower Wharf Dec 2020 - Spring 2021