Little Autumn Cherry Flag


Little Autumn Cherry Flag

61 x 91.5 cm | Hosokawa Kozo
Little Autumn Cherry Flag is brushed on Hosokawa Heritage paper - a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Traditional Property - handmade in Japan. The tree is a young street tree in my neighbourhood which lifts the spirits in autumn with rich colour and in spring with delicate blossom.

The heart of this piece lies in its simplicity. The use of pigments, including Translucent Orange Oxide, Chrome Yellow Middle, and Quinacridone Magenta mirror the autumnal palette. The long-bristled brush delicately records each leaf calligraphically.

This banner gains dimension as light is reflected and absorbed by its intricate textures.

The Hosokawa paper is stretched and fixed to a simple wooden batten using bookbinder's paste for easy and elegant hanging. The batten can be easily removed if requested for alternative hanging methods.

These banners are rolled into cartons for convenient storage and secure posting.

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