76 x 140 cm | Pigments on handmade Mitsumata Paper
Bamboo Phyllostachys vivax "Aureocaulis" brushed on exquisite handmade Mitsumata paper evoking the soft glow of a warm Autumn afternoon in Kew Gardens.

The mature yellow bamboo stalks have green stripes in places and reach out like organic scaffolding. The tiny shoots around the base are delicate and jade coloured. I was so absorbed in painting this piece that I did not notice that a curious fox had been watching me until it circled around my things with polite interest.

The carefully prepared pigments create an emotional resonance that is both soothing and energising.

These banners integrate with natural interiors and embrace the principles of biophilic design. They are an ideal addition to any space seeking a harmonious blend of art and the outdoors.

The Mitsumata paper is stretched and attached to a simple wooden batten with bookbinder's paste, ensuring effortless hanging. If you would prefer, the batten can be easily removed before purchase to accommodate alternative hanging methods.

Conveniently rolled for both storage and posting.
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