Soft Light Cedar of Lebanon


Soft Light Cedar of Lebanon

76 x 140 cm | Pigments on handmade Mitsumata Paper
A Cedar of Lebanon stands in the ethereal glow of early morning light and soft raindrops. The atmosphere exudes a sublime gentleness, capturing a moment when the weather and light delicately shift with each passing minute.

The cedar, a symbol of life and longevity, is brushed with a harmonious blend of pigments. I mixed Green Earth Light, Terre Verte, Cerulean Blue, Oriental Blue, Cobalt Green Deep, Raw Umber Greenish, and Cadmium Green. These natural pigments result in a nuanced representation of the cedar's foliage.

A dainty deer tiptoed past while I was painting this piece, an unexpected yet magical participant in the scene.

The Mitsumata paper is stretched and attached to a simple wooden batten with bookbinder's paste, ensuring effortless hanging. If you would prefer, the batten can be easily removed before purchase to accommodate alternative hanging methods.

Conveniently rolled for both storage and posting.
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