76 x 140 cm | Pigments on handmade Mitsumata Paper
I painted this banner in Kew Gardens. While I was absorbed in observation, colour and brushwork a German visitor chanced by and recited her favourite poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (translated by John Whaley):

Ginkgo Biloba

This tree’s leaf, which here the East,
In my garden propagates,
On its secret sense we feast
Such as sages elevates.

Is it but one being single
Which as same itself divides?
Are there two which choose to mingle
So that one eachother hides?

As the answer to such question
I have found a sense that’s true:
Is it not my songs’ suggestion
That I’m one and also two?

The experience reminded me of the profound connection between art, nature, and the human spirit.

The brush strokes explore the foliage of the Ginkgo leaves, echoing the rhythm of the leafy love poem. The vibrant colour is a mix of Cadmium Green, Cobalt Yellow and Chrome Yellow Middle.

The Mitsumata paper, stretched and fixed to a simple wooden batten with bookbinder's paste, ensures effortless hanging. If you prefer, the batten can be easily removed prior to purchase, accommodating alternative hanging methods. Delivered in a roll, these banners are easily stored or shipped.
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