Silver Birch with Kyoto Calligraphy Ink Stick


Silver Birch with Kyoto Calligraphy Ink Stick

76 x 140 cm | Pigments on handmade Mitsumata Paper
Brushing the silver birch tree outside my studio has become a cherished Autumn ritual. The cascading branches and the dance of gold leaves are depicted with a sense of joy and reverence. The contrast between the black and white of the trunk and branches adds depth and texture, making it a truly satisfying subject to paint.

This piece is set apart by the use of calligraphic ink from an ink stick I bought in Kyoto. This ink lends a unique quality, the materials and brush technique referencing Shodo, Japanese Calligraphy.

Naples Yellow Dark, Cobalt Yellow (Aureolin), Chrome Yellow Middle, and Yellow Ochre Light pigments come together to evoke the warmth and vibrancy of sunlight filtering through the golden leaves of the silver birch.

The Mitsumata paper, stretched and fixed to a simple wooden batten with bookbinder's paste, ensures effortless hanging. If you prefer, the batten can be easily removed prior to purchase, accommodating alternative hanging methods. Delivered in a roll, these banners are easily stored or shipped.
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