Hydrangea in the Rain


Hydrangea in the Rain

61 x 91.5 cm | Hosokawa Kozo
"Hydrangea in the Rain" is brushed in pigments on the esteemed Hosokawa Heritage paper—a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Traditional Property—this artwork is an expression of growth, potential, and the uplifting power of plants growing towards the light.

The choice of the Hydrangea as the subject matter is both symbolic and aesthetic. The delicate yet resilient nature of the flower mirrors the strength inherent in the Hosokawa Heritage paper itself. The depiction of the Hydrangea in the rain not only evokes the serene beauty of nature but also introduces an element of dynamic movement, as if the petals are gracefully swaying to the rhythm of the gentle rain.

Brushed in the studio on a rainy Sunday, this banner has a sensory dimension. The sound of raindrops on the studio roof becomes an integral part of the composition, elevating the experience for both the artist and the observer. The warm summer rain, synonymous with the atmosphere of growth, is palpable in every stroke and shade, fostering a connection between the artwork and the viewer.

As a flag for growth and potential, "Hydrangea in the Rain" invites individuals to embrace the transformative power of nature and strive towards their aspirations. "Hydrangea in the Rain," captures a moment and invites viewers to immerse themselves in a visual narrative that celebrates the beauty of life amidst the gentle embrace of rainfall.
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