Red Acer 1


Red Acer 1

76 x 140 cm | Pigments on handmade Mitsumata Paper
This unique botanic calligraphic banner captures the vibrant essence of an acer palmatum in its autumn glory. Painted annually, I marvel at the tree's radiant brightness.

Immerse yourself in the richness of autumn leaves, portrayed with cadmium red deep, cadmium red light, and azo red pigments.

I used an exquisite handmade brush from Yoshimura Syoukadou and meditative calligraphic techniques to express my love for this tree.

Red Acer 1 invites you to notice, wonder, and connect with the brilliance of nature and the serene beauty of the autumn season in a botanic calligraphic form.

The Mitsumata paper, stretched and fixed to a simple wooden batten with bookbinder's paste, ensures effortless hanging. If you prefer, the batten can be easily removed prior to purchase, accommodating alternative hanging methods. Delivered in a roll, these banners are easily stored or shipped.
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